In our previous post we mentioned that we had grouped the Milletseed Butterflyfish into three separate populations to address gender ratio and the largest population had spawned very few non-viable eggs. This gave us hope that one or more of these populations would begin to spawn.  As we anticipated, after a short acclimation period they began spawning viable eggs.

Jon-Michael DegidioCurrently, we have collected over 10 spawns from them and have run several experiments as well as rearing trials. We have gained ample insight into the egg/larval development and rearing requirements of this species but still have much to learn. The eggs hatch approximately 24 hours after spawning, with first feeding occurring on day 3 or 4; depending on temperature. Our latest trial of several thousand larvae have survived for 19 days post hatch (as of this post) and continue to progress. We are very excited with these results and will continue to put our efforts into solving the questions associated with the rearing of the Milletseed Butterflyfish.

Jon-Michael Degidio