Rising Tide Conservation is dedicated to enhancing sustainability in the marine aquarium industry by promoting and funding marine ornamental fish aquaculture research. Aquaculture provides a sustainable source for aquarium fishes, and can reduce the impacts of wild collection on fish populations and the habitats where they live. Just a small percentage of marine fish species in the aquarium industry have been aquacultured, creating a need for research to develop and refine marine ornamental fish aquaculture methods.

We support marine ornamental fish aquaculture research at facilities that meet strict animal welfare standards in order to reduce the impacts of wild fish collection on fish populations and the habitats where they live. The research facilities where aquaculture techniques are developed must maintain a high standard of husbandry practices, ensure that all animals are kept in a healthy environment and fed a well-balanced diet, and are observed throughout their life and time at the facility that they are provided a good quality of life and kept in good health.

We acknowledge that there is room to advance sustainability in the marine ornamental aquarium trade. We believe successful conservation and sustainability requires collaboration, and our efforts are intended to benefit the aquarium industry, the ocean, and the people and marine life that depend on it