Rising Tide Conservation is committed to helping increase the availability of aquacultured marine ornamental fish species in the aquarium industry, for both hobbyists and public aquaria, in order to reduce the impacts of wild fish collection on fish populations and the coral reefs where they live.


Aquaculture provides a sustainable source for aquarium fishes, and can reduce the impacts of wild collection on fish populations and the habitats where they live. Just a small percentage of marine fish species in the aquarium industry have been aquacultured, creating a need for research to develop and refine marine ornamental fish aquaculture methods.

We support marine ornamental fish aquaculture research at facilities that meet strict animal welfare standards. These research facilities must maintain a high standard of husbandry practices, ensure that all animals are kept in a healthy environment, are fed a well-balanced diet, and are observed throughout their life and time at the facility to ensure a good quality of life and kept in good health. 

We believe aquaculture is an important, impactful way to increase sustainability in the aquarium industry, but not the only way. We support verified sustainable initiatives, including the regulated and transparent wild collection of certain species.