My name is Jana Huebner and I have had the pleasure to join the Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory as an intern for the summer. I am originally from the landlocked state of Missouri. I love the great outdoors and when there was a way to get into the water, I would take it. During a summer camp that taught me how to sail and SCUBA dive, I fell head over heels for the world beneath the surface. I chose to continue my education at the University of Tampa, gaining a B.S in Marine Science and Biology. During my senior year, I was looking to enter graduate school in the area of conservation or restoration efforts when my ichthyology class took a tour of TAL. I immediately wanted to learn more and was offered the opportunity to join the lab over the summer. Currently, I assist the Rising Tides Conservation program whose goal is to make the aquarium trade more sustainable through the commercial production of marine fishes, which was a mission statement I fullheartedly support. I am now a month into my internship and am still as wide-eyed and excited as I was during my tour. This month has been very eventful! I’ve gotten my feet wet in many different areas including constructing recirculating seawater systems and conducting an experiment that evaluates live feeds and the use of live phytoplankton and clay during larval rearing of French Grunts, Haemulon flavolineatum! I have learned so much through hands-on experience and the welcoming TAL staff.  I plan on continuing assisting Matt, Eric, and Kevin in their efforts to fulfill Rising Tide’s mission through research. Exciting things happening here! J

Best Fishes,
Jana Huebner