We are thrilled to introduce you to the newest M.S. Graduate Assistant that will be working with Dr. Cortney Ohs at UF/IFAS IRREC Aquaculture Laboratory in Fort Pierce, FL.

Kathryn “Katie” McCord to the lab as a new M.S. Graduate Assistant. Kathryn graduated in 2015 from Kennesaw State University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, then earned an Aquaculture Technician Certificate from Gadsden State Community College in 2017. Kathryn has been a marine ornamental hobbyist and worked for public aquaria and a commercial producer.

Kathryn will continue Rising Tide Conservation research at UF IRREC to develop captive spawning and larval rearing protocols for about a dozen species of marine ornamental fishes including Pacific blue tangs, Cuban hogfish, copperbanded butterflyfish, banded butterflyfish, Potter’s angelfish, Atlantic blue chromis, bi-color blennies, sailfin algae blennies, and foxface rabbitfish. Additional species of demersal spawning fish could be housed in UF IRREC’s 24 tank 30-gallon aquarium system and paired pelagic spawning fish could be housed in the 11 tank 75-gallon aquarium system.