2013 is turning out to be a productive year at the Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory. As the calender year turned, we welcomed our newest member to the marine ornamentals team, Jon-Michael Degidio. Tasked with the rearing chaetodontids as part of Rising Tide’s newest initiative, Jon knows he is in for a challenge. To hone his skills at larval rearing and prepare him for butterflies, we worked with aquarists at Discovery Cove to bring in a fresh batch of eggs collected in the Grand Reef. We know the Grand Reef is home to an incredible array of sought-after marine species and has huge potential in discovering a new species for aquaculture. In his first weeks at the lab, Jon has succeeded in raising highhats spawned in the Grand Reef. This was surely a welcomed surprise in our larval tanks and an encouraging first run from our newest member.

More updates and new species coming soon. Special thanks to Denise Swider and the team at Discovery Cove for making this happen. 

Photos by Matthew L. Wittenrich

Eric Cassiano
University of Florida
Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory